In this article, we gonna guide you how to create a podcast using android and even how to publish podcast using android. So, without wasting any time let’s Play.

Podcasting is basically making a series of episodes about some topic in audio or video file format and broadcast it over the internet so, the users can listen to it. Sometimes the Podcaster makes the podcast subscription based or sometimes it’s totally free. You can think of Podcasting these days as an audio series over the web. Mainly, Podcast listener, listen to the podcast using some podcast application software also called Podcatcher on PC or even on the smartphone. There are also some devices available in the market which is purely for podcasting.

What are the different type of podcast you can create?

There are several varieties of a podcast which are as follows:

  1. Video Podcasts: It is some sort of Video Clip series or web television series also known as WebTV. Currently, Popular WebTV service providers are Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc. Other, Variety of video podcasts are video blogs, Journalism, amateur filming etc.
  2. Enhanced Podcasts: A type of Postcast which is created by synchronizing audio files with images.
  3. Podcast Novels: It is also known as audiobooks. Well, you may know about audiobooks. Those who don’t, these are books which you own don’t have to read too. Some person already read and records the books text in the audio format.

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How to Start Podcasting Yourself?

Today, We will describe you how to create and publish your first podcast yourself on your smartphone easily.

Create Podcast using Android | Publish Podcast using Android

To create a podcast using android users can download and install an app called CastBox.

Note: You can also use some other podcasts application. Those have also almost the same procedures to broadcast a podcast which we explain below.

First, you have to download the Castbox app from the link here: Castbox Podcasting App

Create Podcast using android

Register, it using your Facebook, Twitter or even Google account or maybe login later and Select some Categories.

publish podcast using android

If you want to listen to Podcasts from different Podcasters over the internet, you could choose it from here.

Now, you can create your own podcast by selecting the top right corner icon as we mention here. Then Select the Podcaster menu and finally, tap the mic icon so as to record your audio.

After, recording your podcast select the upload button as we mention here with point 2 in the circle.

In this step, you create your own channel and fill in the details for that. First, upload a photo for your channel. Then, Create your channel and give it a name. And finally, save it.

Finally, To Publish podcast using android. Give your channel a category, tap the confirm, save it and your channel publish successfully.

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