Reliance Jio now has a subscriber base of 370 million

Jio users can now check their Jio data balance on WhatsApp.

Well so far where users were able to check their Jio data balance using USSD codes and Jio Toll Free number, they can now do the same easily via WhatsApp.

The new service became possible since Jio Care joined WhatsApp.

Those of you who don’t know, JioCare is the Jio Customer Care support that provides assistance regarding any Jio Services.

Thankfully, to ease the customer queries and complaints, JioCare is now on WhatsApp.

With JioCare on WhatsApp you can easily check your Jio data balance.

To do so, you have to first save the JioCare number i.e. 7000770007 in your phone’s contact list.

Thereafter, send a WhatsApp message – “Data Balance” (without inverted commas) to the JioCare.

As soon as you send the message the JioCare WhatsApp handle will also greet you with a message that contains your active plan details.

The active plan details contains your:

  1. Plan Name
  2. Validity
  3. Message Balance
  4. Data Balance
  5. Available Talktime
Check Jio Data Balance on WhatsApp

How to check the current status of your Jio connection?

You can also check the current status of your Jio connection by sending a Hi message to the JioCare on WhatsApp.

As soon as you send the Hi message, the JioCare WhatsApp handle prompts you a message that contains your:

  1. Number status
  2. Active Plan details
  3. Data Balance
  4. Plan Expiration date
Check Your Jio Connection Current Status

Use JioCare Main Menu to avail support about different Jio services

You can also use JioCare main menu to avail help about:

  1. Covid Vaccine and Info
  2. Jio SIM Recharge
  3. New Jio SIM/Port-in (MNP)
  4. Support for Jio SIM
  5. Support for JioFiber
  6. Support for Intl Roaming
  7. Support for JioMart

For example, In the screenshots below, I have taken support to resolve the “Slow Internet Speed” experience on my Jio SIM.

So, I choose the Support for Jio SIM > Network Related > Data / Internet Related Issue > Experiencing Slow Speed > Mobile options.

Thereafter I click on the link provided.

Use JioCare Main Menu to avail different support services on WhatsApp

As soon as I click on the link, it prompts me to open it on MyJio app or Browser.

I choose the MyJio app and thereafter it automatically checks whether I am using the Jio service in a good signal area or not.

It also performs the Speed Test of my Jio connection.

Looking at the app popularity, many companies have started giving their support or customer care services on WhatsApp. Jio is one of them.

With JioCare on WhatsApp, it is now easy for Jio users to avail support regarding different Jio services. What do you think about this new initiative? Let us know in the comments down below.

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