What is CAPTCHA? All you need to know about

Google Captcha Introduction Whenever we sign up online forms, we often see that a code is asked for us or it is asked to tell...
emoji yellow

Why the emoji is of Yellow Color?

Emoji Yellow Color: In today's era In this post, we are going to tell you about an interesting story behind the color of emoji yellow....
State of Charge Explained

State of Charge Explained: (SOC) The SI Unit of Battery Status

In this article, State of Charge Explained in Detail. Those of you who doesntBattery Status of your PC or Smartphone is measured by a terminology...
hardwares you look in smartphone

List of Important Hardwares You look in Smartphone

What are all the important Hardwares You look in Smartphone while Buying it? Here we are talking about what are all the hardwares you look in...

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