Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

While Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set to launch in our country soon, a member of legislative assembly from Arunachal Pradesh, Ninong Ering has written a letter to the Prime Minister Modi asking him to ban the game.

The MLA said, last year after finding PUBG Mobile engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defence, and security of our country, Under Section 69A of the Information Technology act, Meity banned the usage of more than 200 foreign apps and websites in our country. PUGB Mobile was one such application.

The MLA alleged that the Battlegrounds Mobile India is a new avatar of PUBG Mobile with some minor modifications and just like its successor it could compromise millions of our users’ data including children with the Chinese Government.

Tencent which is a Chinese company have stake in several gaming companies. The MLA said, with 15.5% stake, Tencent is currently the second largest stakeholder in Krafton which is responsible for developing the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

As soon as PUBG Mobile banned in India, Krafton allegedly stopped its agreement with Tencent in India however, almost all the Krafton’s India employees are the former Tencent employees who were miraculously hired by Krafton last December.

One other example to prove Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a new avatar of PUBG is if your visit its Google Playstore listing, in the URL you can easily see its id as com.pubg.imobile. This is the same id where PUBG Mobile India was present last year.

In the same letter, the MLA also has said that, Krafton recently has invested in Nodwin which hosts PUBG on its servers and reportedly offers its services in Pakistan.

The Privacy Policy of Battleground Mobile India said that it will store its user’s data in servers located in India as well as in Singapore. The company has said, In addition to India, they are storing users data outside India to operate the game services and meet legal requirements. The MLA alleged, some reports say Tencent shared all its data with Krafton, so it may be possible that Krafton is also doing the same as Tencent is the biggest shareholders in its company.

The MLA said, The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly said what cannot be done directly should also must not be done indirectly. Krafton and Tencent here are trying to do the same. Hence, urging you to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India and restrict the entry of such entities without explicit permission from the government.

You can see the attachment of the same letter in the tweet below.

Talking about the game, it already started its pre-registration in India with an uncertain launch date but if we believe the rumours the game might be launch next month.

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