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While watching your favorite Movie or TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, you don’t want to degrade the listing experience. You want to listen to crystal clear every word your favorite actor is saying. So, stay tuned, because, In this article, I am explaining to you a method through which you can improve the audio quality in your Amazon Prime Video account.

How to Improve the Audio Quality?

The feature which I am going to talk about was previously available only to those Amazon Prime Video users who have a high-end theatre or any specialized audio system. But, seeing most users need this feature which in turn will also benefit the company, Amazon thought why not give this feature to everyone?

Therefore they bring this new feature called Dialogue Boost into their platform.

Regarding this new feature, The Vice President of Technology, at Amazon Prime Video said “At Prime Video, we are committed to presenting an inclusive, equitable, and enjoyable streaming experience for everyone. The library of audio-described content is growing on our platform and that’s why we decided to bring “Dialogue Boost”, a feature that enhances the audio experience on our platform for the users.”

How to Enable Dialogue Boost Feature in Amazon Prime Video?

Firstly, let me tell you that, while the feature is made available for all Amazon Prime Video users worldwide, since, it is in the rollout phase few users are able to access it. Maybe you are the lucky one.

To access the Dialogue Boost feature:

  1. Open the Audio and Subtitles drop-down menu and select the Audio Track (For example, you have selected English as your audio track) during playback.
  2. Then, you see two options regarding the audio track you have selected. For example, here you selected English, then, you will see English Dialogue Boost: Medium and English Dialogue Boost: High.
  3. You can select one from any of these two options as per the enhancement you want.

That’s all, as soon as you do this, you can listen to an enhanced audio experience in your Amazon Prime Video account.

Now, as I told you earlier, the dialogue boost feature has been made available to all the users by Amazon, it is available on all devices support Amazon Prime Video as well.

The dialogue boost feature is unique to all the OTT platforms on the web. What do you think? Will it be able to retain more users on the platform? The comment box below is open for your suggestions and opinions.

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