airtel mimimum monthly recharge plan rs 45

For those who are using Airtel’s prepaid sim, Bharti Airtel has issued a piece of critical information. Now Airtel prepaid customers have to recharge for at least Rs. 45 every month to continue receiving Airtel services. By month we mean every 28 days. Airtel has now set a recharge of Rs 45 as their minimum monthly recharge.

What is the minimum monthly recharge, and why did Airtel launch such scheme?

After Jio moved to India, other Telecom companies in India went into continuous loss. Airtel launched a new scheme of minimum monthly recharge in October last year to incur such loss. Under this scheme, the user must recharge for at least Rs. 23 every 28 days or else after a specific period, the company stops providing services to the user. By services, we mean voice calls, messages etc. If a user forgot to recharge their prepaid SIM every 28 days, then the company immediately stops the outgoing services on the user’s number while after 15 days the incoming call and incoming message service on the number is also stopped.

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So the thing is, till now you had to recharge for at least Rs. 23 every 28 days to continue enjoying Airtel prepaid service, but now you have to recharge for at least Rs. 45.

Who suffers more due to the increase in the minimum monthly recharge of Airtel prepaid?

Although the increment in Minimum Monthly recharge increases the hassle of all prepaid customers of Airtel. However, this new scheme increases the hassle of those customers more, who uses Airtel as SIM 2.

At present, Under Airtel prepaid base tariff for every local and STD voice call the company charges 2.5 paise per second. However, for every STD video call, the charge is 5 paise per second. For per MB data usage the charge is 50 paise, and for the local, national and international messages the charge is 1, 1.5 and 5 rupees.

So, from today, to get Airtel prepaid mobile service continuously, customers have to pay double the price of the earlier recommendation.

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