Outgoing Call Validity Extension Plans
Outgoing Call Validity Extension Plans

In this article, I list out all Service validity extension plans for Different Telecom services providers in India. Note that, In November last year, To increase ARPU i.e. Average revenue per user, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Tata Docomo launches a new scheme. According to the scheme, customers have to maintain a minimum monthly recharge monthly to make their service active. For service I mean the outgoing calls, incoming calls, messages and so on.

Now, coming to these Minimum monthly recharge plans, they varies from one Telecom provider other. Airtel and Vodafone are the first one to introduce this scheme. Later, Idea and Tata Docomo joins the league. The reason these telecom companies introduce this scheme is to cover their loss made by Reliance Jio.

Okay, Let’s talk about all those Minimum Monthly Recharge plans that belong to these three telecom companies to extends the service validity.

Service Validity Extension Plans

For all the Telecom companies we mentioned above, You can recharge with Rs. 35, Rs. 65, and Rs. 95 to extend the service validity for 28 days. However, In all these plans, you’ll also get some data as well as talk time benefit. Now, Airtel also has a Rs. 23 plan that only extends the service validity for 28 days. In Airtel Rs. 23 plan you won’t get any data as well as talk time benefits.

Note: Only Airtel has Rs. 23 recharge plan.

Okay let me briefly describe about all the plans I mentioned above.

Rs. 35 Recharge Plan: With Rs. 35 recharge plans, you get Rs. 26.66 talk time and 100 MB data valid for 28 days. Moreover, the tariff rate here is 2.5 paise/second.

Rs. 65 Recharge Plan: This plan gives you full talk time of Rs. 65 whereas its tariff rate is 1 paise/second.

Rs. 95 Recharge Plan: This plan also gives you full talk time of Rs. 95, moreover, its tariff rate is also 1 paise/second.

Rs. 23 Recharge Plan: This plan gives you around 19 rupee of talk time as well as extends your outgoing call validity for 28 days.

In case you forgot to recharge with any of the plan mentioned above every 28 days, your Telecom company automatically deduct the smallest recharge plan from your main account balance. However, in case your main balance is less than the minimum recharge then the company give you the grace period of 15 days but terminates the outgoing call facility immediately. Then, After 15 days, they also shutdown the incoming call as well as the messages facility on your number.

Now, Once you recharge again with any of the amount mentioned above or more than that, the company then again activates the services.

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