How to Activate DND Service on Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea
How to Activate DND Service on Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea

In this article, I list out the details of How to activate DND Service on Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. If you are using a phone that contains Subscriber Identity Module from these Telecom providers then you might be a victim of promotional calls. These promotional calls are from different industries ranging from Banking, Insurance, Health, education and lot more. Getting too many promotional calls on a daily basis may disturb your routine. Don’t worry, we solve this problem by listing out How you can activate DND i.e. Do not Disturb service on Popular telecom operators like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

How to Activate DND service on Jio?

You can activate DND on Jio via two ways, one by MyJio and other by navigating to Jio official website. We explain you both.

Via MyJio App

To activate DND via MyJio app, first, Open MyJio App.

Then, open the settings menu that is present in Hamburger menu icon on the left corner of your MyJio App homepage.

Next, Open service settings>Do not Disturb and from there on you can activate DND service for the industries you want.

Via website

First Sign In to via your Jio ID, if you forget it, you also have option to sign in by receiving an OTP on mobile. Moreover, there are other device options too via which you can sign in.

Then, Click on the gear icon where you find the DND options later on.

How to Activate DND Service on Airtel?

On Airtel you can activate DND service via two ways.

Via Website

To activate DND in Airtel via Airtel Website go to this link.

Then, Click on the Click here link present on the Big Read Board.

Once done you will get a pop up that ask you to feed your mobile number on which you want to activate DND and also receive an OTP for verification.

Feed your Mobile and OTP to avail the DND Activation service on Airtel.

Via SMS or Call

To activate DND Service via SMS in Airtel Send START 0 to 1909. This will activate full DND services on your Airtel Mobile number from which you send the SMS.

To activate DND Service via Call, call on 1909 and then follow the IVR guide.

How to Activate DND Service on Vodafone?

To activate DND on Vodafone navigate to this link and then fill out the form as per you need.

Here, you have to enter your Name, Email ID, Vodafone number and DND Preferences.

How to Activate DND Service on Idea?

To activate DND Service on Idea follow this link and fill out the details as per your need.

Note that, In the form filling out an Alternate number is not mandatory.

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