Xiaomi UPI Payment App Mi Pay
Xiaomi UPI Payment App Mi Pay

With the inauguration of Redmi Go Smartphone in India you can also say hello to the Xiaomi UPI Payment App Mi Pay. Here, in this article, we gonna talk about this Payment App in detail.

With this payment app users will able to send money directly to the bank account via SMS, Contacts, and Camera Scanner app. Moreover, one can also pay money via UPI which in turn manages by NPCI.

Xiaomi also explains that all data of this app complies with Indian Data Localization policy. It means Xiaomi stores the data of this app locally. The app also contains facility of Mobile recharge, Bill payments like things. Moreover, one can easily buy products of Mi.com via this UPI app.

Mi Pay is not the new app Xiaomi launches. The app is already available in China. There Xiaomi launches it back in year 2016. However, there UPI facility is not present in this app because China not have one.

To promote more transactions via the app, currently Xiaomi distributing some giveaways like TV, Phone etc to some random users. The app will definitely give some competition to Google Pay as facility it provides more or less like Google Pay. Moreover, because this app deeply integrates with MIUI so most probably MIUI users gives this app more weightage over Google Pay.

Xiaomi UPI Payment App Facilities and Download Link

How to access MI Pay App in Google Play Store Right now?
How to access MI Pay App in Google Play Store Right now?

In the featured image you can see that the app will help you to recharge and Bill Payments of several services like Mobile, Water, Electricity, DTH, Landline and Broadband. Moreover, after integrating with UPI you can even send and receive more like you do in Google Pay.

Right now, Mi has not updated its link on Google Play Store. However, those who like to try this app right can find in the update section of Google Play Store. For reference I have post the screenshot above.

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