Valorant adds new Social Sign In options

In a bid to give the Valorant Players more ways to sign in to their favourite character based tactical first person shooting game, new social sign in options are under testing. Currently, we can log in to the game only via our Riot ID and Password, but as per the new test, Valorant may soon let us sign in to the game with different social authentications like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Now, many of you might be thinking, similar to the recently banned PUBG, the new social sign in options in Valorant helps players to connect with their say Facebook Friends in the game, well right now, we have no info. About the same.

Riot says the new social sign in options will be helpful for new players to let them easily and quickly authenticate themselves to play the game and at the same time also gives the game more sign in options.

Also, at any time if you want to delete your social authentication data from Riot, then all you have to do is raise a ticket and the game officials will delete your social authentication data from their servers.

You can read more about the all new social sign in option in Valorant from here.

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