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In a bid to help creators making money from their live videos they are sharing on Instagram, the Facebook owned photo and video sharing platform today has rolled out a new feature. The new feature lets the fans get a badge when they support their favourite creator by paying some money.

You can see this feature already working in different popular online platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live itself. On YouTube, we know this feature by the name SuperChat. In Facebook Live, a similar feature is called Stars and Twitch also has a range of Chat Badges. You can read about the same from here.

What is the Cost of Chat Badges in Instagram Live Video?

For now, Instagram has rolled out the Chat Badge support initially for over 50,000 select creators. Fans, on the other hand, can support these creators while they publish a live video by purchasing different badges that costs $0.99, $1.99, and $4.99.

What happens if a fan purchases the badge?

When a fan purchases the Instagram badge in a live video they unlock special features like their comments get more exposure to the creators. Maybe they can use the badge to get a shoutout from the creator and so.

How the Instagram Live Video Badge Looks Like?

Fans or supporters purchasing the badge gets a special heart badge which the creator can see to know who is supporting their content.

For now, Instagram haven’t said anything about the cut they may ask from the creator which they earn by selling badges in their live video. However, I think that is a subject to discuss in future when this feature gains popularity.

Instagram expands ads in IGTV videos for more creators

In addition to the introduction of badges in live videos, today, Instagram has also expanded the ads in IGTV videos for more creators. Currently, showing ads in IGTV videos, Instagram takes 45% of the revenue earned from these ads by the creators.

via: Techcrunch

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