Truecaller lists India as the 9th most spam call affected country

Truecaller, a smartphone application that has features like caller identification, call blocking, flash messaging and more, every year this smartphone app company is releasing a report called Insight Report that lists the name of countries getting the most spam calls.

India which is around 135.26 crore populated country is reportedly using 696.07 million smartphones and the numbers are growing rapidly. Now, with this much usage of smartphones, of course the country is getting some spam calls. But do you believe, India makes it to the list of top 10 countries getting the most spam calls.

India ranked as 9th most spammed country in the world – Truecaller

The latest Truecaller Insight Report is saying the same. It ranks India at the 9th place in the list of top 10 countries getting the most spam calls in 2020.

Unboxing the report, it says, out of all the spam calls India gets in 2020, 98.5% are from the domestic numbers. Now, out of these 98.5% spam calls, 52% of spam calls are from the telecom operator, 34% from the telemarketer, 9% from scammers and 5% are from the financial services.

India measures a drop in spam calls

Three years ago, India ranked as the most spammed country in the world. Truecaller this year’s Insight report states, India measures a 34% drop in spam calls from the last year as the existing global pandemic makes it hard for spammers to initiate the spam calls. For example, to initiate this large number of spam calls requires large equipment that need to be operated physically. This year, due to the existing global pandemic, India initiated a lockdown of more than 6 months and that’s the reason this year, the spam call rate in India degrades abnormally. Also whatever number of spam calls India got this year, most spam calls are KYC and OTP related..

Indian states to have the highest number of spam calls in 2020

Truecaller’s Insight report also lists the states in India to get the highest number of spam calls. Below is the list of states as well as the percentage of spam calls they contribute towards the number of spam calls India got in 2020.

Andra Pradesh9.5
Uttar Pradesh9.5
Madhya Pradesh6.3
Tamil Nadu5.2
West Bengal1.7
Himachal Pradesh0.6
Jammu Kashmir0.4

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Source: Truecaller Blog

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