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In a bid to help user Translate Text without Internet Connection, the Google Lens for Android now Translate Text in Offline

Google Lens is one of the best Image Recognition Technology right now on the web.

It is available to the general users in the form of a Standalone Mobile App available both on Android and iOS but you can also use it directly from Google Photos and Google App.

Below is the list of key features Google Lens have.

  1. First and foremost, the basic one is to scan and translate texts (written in other languages) in real time using your Smartphone Camera.
  2. It can also identify popular landmarks, their hour of operation, historical facts and more.
  3. It can also identify animals and plants.
  4. It can also show the detailed solution of a Mathematical equation.

There are a plethora of other features Google Lens have but that is not this article is about.

Talking about the Text Translation Feature, so far, Google Lens requires an internet connection to translate texts from one language to another.

However, now the app has brought offline text translation feature.

Google Lens is rolling out a server side update to bring it on to the user’s devices.

Here is How you can enable offline translation in Google Lens.

How to Turn ON Offline Translation in Google Lens?

Here is how you can turn on offline translation in Google Lens.

Once you open Google Lens, scroll the navigation bar present at the bottom to the Translate tab.

Once you are at the Translate Tab, at the top you see a tab saying Auto-Detect → English.

That’s called the Select Language Tab.

Image Credits: 9to5Google

Click on the text English and a list of languages will open.

Now earlier, there wasn’t any Tap to Download icon present side by side to the listed languages, but a 9to5Google report says, the new update has brought those icons.

Those icons are basically the offline language pack for Google Lens for the respective languages.

As soon as you tap on any of these icons, the offline language pack of its respective language will be downloaded.

For example, you tap on the Spanish Icon, then the offline language pack of the Spanish Language for the Google Lens will be downloaded and you will be able to translate Spanish into English via the Google Lens even without any Internet Connection.

How to Translate Texts via Google Lens?

As I said above, you can use Google Lens either via its standalone app, or you can use it either via Google App or Google Photos app.

Now as soon as you open Google Lens, it doesn’t matter whether you are opening it on Google App or Google Photos App or Google Lens Standalone App because the Interface are same in all, you have to navigate to the Translate Tab present at the bottom.

Once you are on the Translate Tab, simply point your phone’s camera at the text you want to translate into another language and then click on the big round button you see at the bottom.

Google Lens then translates the text and overlays it at the required place. You can also copy all the text you have translated to save it to some other place for future references.

So, this is how Google Lens Translate text. The above method works both for offline and online translation.

So, that is all for this article, if you have any suggestions or opinion, fire it on in the comments down below.

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