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At Google I/O in 2019, Google brought the camera-based translation via Google Lens to help user translate and read text from one language to another. Those of you who don’t know, with Google Lens you can read, translate, and listen to the text in your preferred language.

Today Google has announced that they now has brought this feature for KaiOS users too. That means now in India KaiOS enabled devices like JioPhone, JioPhone 2 and more can read and translate text via Google Lens technology assembled inside the Google Assistant.

There are millions of users using KaiOS devices in India and below I have explained by becoming more specific about how this feature works inside the JioPhone.

To use this feature inside JioPhone, all you have to do is long press the center button to start the Google Assistant.

Once done, you then have to press the right soft key to use this feature. You simply then have to point your phone’s camera on the text you are interested.

For now, Inside JioPhone and other KaiOS enabled devices this feature works in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil languages but soon will support more languages like Kannada and Gujarati.

Other helpful features about languages, Google already has brought for KaiOS devices includes Voice typing and Voice-based language selection back in 2017 at Google for India event. Now we have got one more feature by Google about languages for KaiOS devices and that is camera-based text translation for which this article is dedicated about and have explained all in the above paras.

Camera-based text translation is helpful in scenarios like reading product label (that is printed in some other language), street sign, or any text not written or not understandable in user’s native language. So, In my opinion it’s a revolutionary feature for the newcomers joining Digital India era. Also we are welcoming your opinion with the open hand in the comments down below.

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