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Last year Netflix launches the Rs. 199 Mobile only plan in India that limits the user to see Netflix content in one mobile device at a time in Standard Definition a.k.a 480p resolution. Now, amid COVID-19 lockdown it has been reported Netflix subscribers growing continuously. Looking at that, it has been reported, Netflix is testing an another Mobile only plan in India.

This brand-new Mobile Only plan, Netflix has given it the name Mobile+ plan and put a price tag of Rs. 349 per month on it. In addition to mobile devices this plan also let the user to watch Netflix content on Computer Screens but not on Television in High Definition a.k.a. 720p and better resolution. However, The Mobile+ Plan also let the user to watch Netflix content in one device at a time. I already said above but let me explicitly tell you again, the Mobile+ plan supports Phone, Tablet, Computer, Laptop but not TV.

Countering the Mobile+ Plan, the existing Rs. 199 Mobile only plan not let the user to watch Netflix content on Computer Screen as well as in the High Definition.

To watch Netflix content on TV, a user must opt for Netflix Basic and above plan that starts at Rs. 499 per month and goes further to Rs. 799 per month. Now, although, Netflix Mobile+ plan is in testing phase and has been spotted by some users, you can see the live Netflix plans in the below screenshot.

Different Netflix Plan India
Different Netflix Plan India

Let see when Netflix going to make this plan live in India or whether not to be as this is not the first time Netflix tests a plan in India.

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