Messenger for iOS and Android adds support for Screen Sharing

In this global pandemic era, to give users more ways to make their Messenger experience interactive, Messenger has added support for the Screen Sharing feature. I think most of you already know about the Screen Sharing feature; however, those who are unaware, well, this feature helps you to share a live view of your device screen with others. While using this feature, whatever you do on your device will be visible to those with whom you have selected to use this feature.

In Messenger now, users can share their device screens with their friends and family in the video call or inside the Messenger Rooms. Before explaining how to start sharing your screen on Messenger, let me tell you that, for now, inside Messenger Rooms, one can share the screen with up to 16 peoples only. However, Facebook has said that they are soon going to make this feature to support up to 50 people inside Messenger Rooms. Another upcoming addition to this feature is the ability to control who can share their screen inside Messenger Rooms. Also, it is the Room Creator who is going to determine whether to limit this feature for himself or for all the participants in the room.

Talking about sharing the screen on group video call right now the feature supports up to 8 people on the Messenger App.

Screen Sharing feature inside Messenger is now available globally for all the Android, iOS, Desktop App, and Web users.

Below I have explained How you can screen share in Messenger in an excellent way. So, without a further delay, here is the method to do so.

How to Screen Share in Messenger?

First, open the Messenger app and start a video call.

Next swipe up at the bottom of the screen to reveal the Share Your Screen option. Some device contains the screen share option as an icon right on the Messenger Video chat window like as I have shown you in the screenshot below. Clicking on the same icon leads you to cast your screen to others.

So, this is how Screen Sharing works in Messenger and how you can initiate it.

Facebook is trying hard to make Messenger an ideal messaging platform by implementing these new set of features day by day, and it will be exciting to see what more such features are about to come.

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