Bluetooth Speakers in India
Bluetooth Speakers in India

Everyone loves to listen to the song, however, the biggest desire of the users is that the sound quality of speakers is must be better. There are many Bluetooth speakers of different prices with better features in the market. There are more than a dozen Bluetooth speakers in the market for music enthusiasts. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for users to choose the best speaker. If you are also looking for a better Bluetooth speaker then you can take a look at the list here. Here we give you a list of top 5 Bluetooth speakers in India right now.

List of Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers India 2021

Bose SoundTouch 10

Bose Sound Touch10
Bose Sound Touch10

Features: In this, features such as Internet Spotify, Pandora, Heart Radio, Djar, Functional Remote Control have been provided. Also, its stereo sound is much better.

Flaws: It is heavier in weight.

On the other hand, with the help of Wi-Fi features given in this speaker, you can easily update its software too, also. Additionally, its sound quality gives people a different experience.

Price: Rs. 12719

Sony SRS-XB2 / RC Portable Bluetooth

Sony SRS-XB2 RC Portable Bluetooth
Sony SRS-XB2 RC Portable Bluetooth

Features: In this speaker, you can listen to songs through Bluetooth only with one touch. Also, the fingerprint has not been given in its matte plastic case. In addition, this portable Bluetooth speaker has an LED backlight in the main key.

Errors: However, It’s hard to find a safe cover for this speaker.

In addition, The compact design of the speaker can be greatly appreciated by the users. In addition, the battery given in it runs for a long time. This Bose speaker is available in many colors in the market.

Price: Rs. 6990

Philips BT50W / 00

Philips BT50W00
Philips BT50W00

Features: A2DP and AVRCP technology transmit stereo sound over the wireless network. Also, with the help of anti-clipping, you can listen to sound quality without having lost music in a fast volume.

Flaws: No volume control has been given to the speaker’s body.

You can connect this Philips Bluetooth speaker to your mobile. Its sound quality is great. Moreover, This speaker is available in many colors in the market.

Price: 1499

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go wireless Portable Speakers
JBL Go, wireless Portable Speakers

Features: This Bluetooth speaker comes with the Noise Cancellation System, allowing you to make calls to any open space.

Errors: If you talk about its flaw, it does not support JBL Connect technology.

However, This Bluetooth speaker of JBL’s look is quite stylish. It maintains its sound quality even in the fastest volume. The company has made its many color variants available in the market.

Price: Rs. 1710

Zoook ZB-JAZZ Portable Bluetooth Mobile / Tablet Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers India: Zoook ZB-JAZZ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speakers India: Zoook ZB-JAZZ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Features: The LED backlight is given on its front panel.

Flaws: When the music is played at full volume its sound quality falls.

This Bluetooth speaker has several options for connection. Which makes it special from other speakers. In addition, you will get up to 8 hours of battery life.

Price: 1499

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