Facebook Monthly Active Users

Facebook Monthly Active Users reach 1.3 billion

According to the reports given, Worldwide Facebook monthly active users reach 1.3 billion. The company gave this information on Thursday. On the other hand, Messenger had crossed the figure of 1 billion monthly users in July 2016.

facebook monthly active users
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Facebook Monthly Active users | The Report

Facebook said in a blog post on Friday, “We are trying to make Messenger the best and bring new masks, filters, and reactions to video chats. We are also providing our Virtual Personal Assistant in more parts of the world. ”

Now the number of active users of Messenger has reached as much as Facebook’s Own Whatsapp, and both have 1.3 billion active monthly users. At the same time, Facebook announced in June that it has about two billion active monthly users.

Facebook Ond Instagram has 70 million active monthly users, out of which 200 million users use the Stories feature daily.

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