Scientists have Found a way to Fast Charge Lithium Ion Battery
Scientists have Found a way to Fast Charge Lithium Ion Battery

Recently Researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute had published an article on Nature Communications magazine where they explain it is now possible to charge a high capacity Lithium Ion Battery in a minute.

They explain Lithium Ion battery have two electrodes called Anode and Cathode and Lithium Ion flows in between these two electrodes. Moreover, the Anode is made of Graphite whereas the Cathode is made of Cobalt Oxide.

Now, According to Nikhil Koratkar, a Professor from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute we could enhance the capability of Lithium Ion battery if we use other materials to build its electrodes.

In an extensive research Koratkar find that if we replace Cobalt oxide with Vanadium Disulfide to build the cathode then we could improve the performance of the battery. Koratkar says Vanadium Disulfide is more dense therefore you can store more charge here whereas highly conductive therefore you can fast charge it.

Koratkar also says replacing Cobalt oxide with Vanadium Disulfide cause some distortion in battery and till now no one able to overcome this problem. However, now a team from Vincent Meunier finally found a solution. They use Titanium Disulfide to coat Vanadium Disulfide and that will stabilize it inside the battery.

Therefore, the whole team finally realize if we use VS2-TiS2 in place of cobalt oxide we could fast charge a Lithium Ion battery.

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