Samsung Launches Galaxy J6+ and J4+ Smartphones in India
Samsung Launches Galaxy J6+ and J4+ Smartphones in India | Image Credits: Samsung India

Today, Samsung Launches Galaxy J6+ and J4+ Smartphones in India. Both of these smartphones come from the most popular Galaxy J series Family. A family which captures one-third portion of smartphones in India. In our opinion, this range of popularity J series family grabs because it has the Samsung Tagline with a range of features in a budget segment. Looking at all of this today, Samsung Launches Galaxy J6+ and J4+ in India. Below we wrap up all the details about these budget range smartphones.

Here, we unveil both of these smartphones features by side by side comparing them.

Samsung Launches Galaxy J6+ and J4+ Smartphones in India: Features Unveiled Below

Processor: Samsung Galaxy J6+ and J4+ both are powered by Snapdragon 425 Processor.

Storage: Talking about the Storage capacity. J6+ comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. On the other hand, J4+ comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. Moreover, this phone is unique because of its memory management feature. You can expand the external storage of this phone via Memory card. The unique thing is you can install apps directly on SD card so, it frees up your memory space. Moreover, you can also more app content also to the SD card.

OS: Both of these devices are running on the latest Android Oreo setup.

Camera: J6+ come with dual rear camera setup i.e. 13MP and 5MP which gives you Background Blur and Dolby Zoom. On the other hand, its front camera is of 8MP. Taking about J4+ camera setup its rear camera is of 13MP whereas the front one is of 5MP.

Emotify: Both of these phones also packs with a unique feature called Emotify. A Banglore based startup develops this feature. You can use Emotify avatars in your messages or chat on different social media for a total of 22 languages.

Color Variant: Both of these phones comes with three color variant. More specifically, Galaxy J4+ comes in Red, Black, and Blue colors. However, J6+ comes in Gold, Black, and Blue color. One more thing both of these devices have glass finishing which makes their look stunning.

Price and Availability: J6+ comes at a price of Rs 15,990 whereas J4+ at Rs 10,990. Both of these devices are available from 25 September 2018 onwards. You can find these devices on Samsung Offline as well as Online outlets and also on Amazon and Flipkart.

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