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Today, One of the OnePlus officials announce about its premium flagship OnePlus TV they are working on. OnePlus is a well-known brand in the field of Smartphones and Operating System. Now, it is ready to embrace its mark in the SmartTV world too. Today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau post a thread in the OnePlus forum which explains about this new upcoming flagship device.

He told, along with the work environment, people should have a better home environment too. So, to avail this need we are working on a premium flagship device for the home environment and we call it OnePlus TV. This SmartTV not just gives you better image quality but a seamless sound experience too.

Everyone knows about OnePlus Smartphone. In past 5 year, OnePlus gives us 5 flagship smartphones that fall down in OnePlus series along with Oxygen OS. Recently OnePlus reveal its upcoming flagship model OnePlus 6T supports Type-C Bullets for audio listening. Other than Smartphone, we all know how cool is OnePlus Oxygen OS. So, taking these things into consideration we believe OnePlus TV sure improves our Home Environment too.

Not just Smartphones and OS, Pete reveals OnePlus also have more than 5 million community members from 196 countries. However, this number is growing rapidly. Let see, how OnePlus bend the knee of other SmartTV manufacturers around the world.

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