MWC 2018 What is meant by SDG
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MWC 2018 What is meant by SDG?

MWC 2018 What is meant by SDG? In this article, we explain you all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. If you are attending MWC 2018, then, you definitely find all the posters relate to SDG there. So, here we clarify what SDG is and What are all of its goals? Firstly, let’s me tell you that SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals.

In September 2015, the UN launched it. The SDG is a set of 17 Goals, which is aimed at eliminating poverty saving people’s lives from clinical change and fighting justice by 2030. Moreover, There are some tasks in every Goal that is to be completed in the coming thirteen years. However, All these goals have to be done by the mobile industry with the help of the Govt., Private Sectors, or Civilians. Furthermore, Now let us tell you about all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goal 1

The Very First SDG is to reduce and eliminate poverty from the Globe. Moreover, It ensures that every person in this world gets the equal access to all the economic and Technological Resources.

Sustainable Development Goal 2

This Second goal aims to eliminate hunger and Food Poverty. Additionally, It also aims to achieve food security and give better Nutrition to all the Human Beings on the Planet. Moreover, It also promotes Sustainable Agriculture.

Sustainable Development Goal 3

This goal aims to create conditions for healthy lives and ensure the well being of all the human beings of all age and gender.

Sustainable Development Goal 4

This Goal Aims to Provide Quality Education and Great Learning Experience.

Sustainable Development Goal 5

This Goal Aims to terminate all the inequality between Women & Men. Also Supports Women Empowerment.

Sustainable Development Goal 6

This Goal aims to provide Clean water and Better Sanitation Services throughout the Whole World.

Sustainable Development Goal 7

This goal focuses on to Improve Energy Efficiency. However, It also aims to give the whole world sustainable Energy with the help of Technology & Infrastructure.

Sustainable Development Goal 8

This goal focuses on Economic Growth, meaning that to explore more employment field in the Technological Sector.

Sustainable Development Goal 9

This Goal aims to improve the Infrastructures throughout the World with the Help of Mobile or Technological Services.

Sustainable Development Goal 10

The Tenth Goal Focuses on to remove the Inequalities within & among the Country.

Sustainable Development Goal 11

The Goal Ensures to keep the Cities and Communities Sustainable.

Sustainable Development Goal 12

This Goal Aims to achieve proper use of Natural Resources, Being more Productive with Unique and efficient Ideas. Moreover, It ensures to get the better product by as much as low consumption of Natural Resources.

Sustainable Development Goal 13

This goal Aims to make a proper strategy which can handle the Climatic change on the lives of People.

Sustainable Development Goal 14

This goal aims for the safety of all the kind of Marine Resources.

Sustainable Development Goal 15

This Goal ensures the better management of Forest, Deserts, Land Degradation, Our Surrounding Care etc.

Sustainable Development Goal 16

This Goal aims to Promote Peace and Justice among all the Strong Institutions in the World.

Sustainable Development Goal 17

This Goal aims to find and shake hands with the partners who help you to fulfill all the above goals.

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