Lenovo Launches Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 Laptop at MWC 2018
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Lenovo Launches Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 Laptop at MWC 2018. As we can see the continuous launching of Gadgets at MWC 2018. A series of new Devices are Launched in this great Event. Now, In this series, Lenovo comes forward and give a contribution by launching two new Yoga Series Laptops. They are Yoga 730 and Yoga 530. The Company Launches the Yoga 730 in two variants i.e. 13 and 15 inches. Moreover, Both of these laptops are upgraded with Intel 8th Generation Core i7 Processor with Alexa Support. Let’s Talk about there specifications.

Specification of Both the Lenovo Yoga 730 and 530

  • The 15 inch Yoga 730 comes with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics card. The user also has an Option to get this Laptop with a Full-size Keyboard.
  • This Brand new Yoga 730 comes with Ultra HD IPS Touch Screen. While Yoga 530 has a Full HD Touch Screen Display.
  • The Company gives the Outer Bezel as less as possible.
  • With the Laptop, User also has an Option to Choose Lenovo Active Pen 2. The Pen has 4096 level of Sensitivity. By it, User can easily draw or make a note quickly.
  • From the Security point of View, the company integrates a FingerPrint Reader with the help of Windows Hello.
  • Lenovo makes this laptop more interesting by giving Two Inbuild Voice Assistant in it. However, this great feature works only when you Connect a Far-Field-Microphone with it.
  • Talking about its weight, The New 15 Inch Yoga 730 Variant, Weights about 1.89KG. However, Its 13-inch Variant weighs about 1.12KG. Furthermore, The 14 Inch Yoga 530 Weights about 1.6KG.
  • The 13 Inch Yoga 730 guarantees to gives 11.5 hours of Battery Backup. Whereas, its 15 Inch Variant guarantees to give 11 hours of Battery Backup.
  • Lenovo Promises that the Yoga 730 (13 Inch Variant) and 530 Come with Rapid Charging Technique. With 15 minutes of Charging User can use it for approx 2 hours.
  • You can use it anywhere you like with any of the postures given below:

Price and Availability: Lenovo Launches Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 Laptop at MWC 2018

  • The Price of 13 Inch Yoga 730 with Pen 2 is approx Rs 80,000 and it will be available from April onwards. Whereas its 15 Inch Model with Pen 2 Costs you Rs 87,900 and it will also be available from April Onwards.
  • The 14 Inch Yoga 530 Comes at approx 43,900 Rupee and it will be available from June’18 onwards.

Note: In US, Yoga 530 is commonly Known as Flex 14 (for the US Users). So, Keep this in Mind.

Furthermore, Let me give you the info. that Lenovo also exposes 3 Chromebooks which is 100E, 300E & 500E. Let me also tell you, Lenovo already launches these three laptops at CES2018. But, Now they have a different design plus they also give you Touch and Pen. Now, they are also available for Sale.

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