Mozilla Launches Firefox Preview Browser
Mozilla Launches Firefox Preview Browser

Mozilla Launches Firefox Preview Browser on Google Play. Firefox Preview is a web browser for Android. We expect that Firefox Preview going to replace the stable version of existing Firefox Browser for Android.

Right now if you navigate to Google Play and search for Firefox Preview, you can see its version is 1.0.

This new Firefox browser is powered by GeckoView that makes it 2x faster than the previous version of Firefox for Android.

Also, because Firefox Preview sports GeckoView, therefore, you can expect quicker updates than the previous one.

Some of you might be thinking. What is this GeckoView? Well, GeckoView is a browser engine, and Firefox desktop browser also sports GeckoView.

Firefox preview also helps to protect your privacy by giving built in Tracking Protection in the browser. However, this option is customizable. Therefore, you could turn it ON or OFF depend upon your need.

In our testing, we found the browser is straightforward to use. Also, you can easily find any option because right now there isn’t too many.

Some of the best features I like in Firefox Preview right now are Tracking Protection, Dark Theme, Custom Search Engine, and Simple Private mode.

One thing you may notice in this browser while using it is its speed. I found the browsing speed in Firefox preview is magnificent.

You can also find a built-in QR Code Scanner at the bottom of the search page in this browser. Right next to it there is shortcut option, clicking on which lists all the search engines supplied by default in the browser.

Well, that’s it. Right now, it is in beta phase as you can see from its name. Also, it may support more features in future. So, stay tuned, as we expect Firefox to replace the current stable Firefox for Android with Firefox Preview by the end of the year 2019.

After Installing and using Firefox preview for a while don’t forget to let us know what you like most in this browser.

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