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According to the latest report, Microsoft Edge Browser Supports WebP Image Format in Windows 10 Redstone 5. Those of you who don’t know about Windows 10 Redstone 5, it is the Major upcoming update release of Windows 10 OS. Experts say Redstone 5 release by the end of this year. Now several reports are coming which says Windows 10 Redstone brings WebP Image Format support in Edge Browser.

Some Important features of WebP image format

WebP is an image format which is developed by Google developers. You can see this image format with the extension .webp on the Internet. Currently, Google Chrome, Opera and Android Browser natively support the WebP image format. On the other hand, Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers do not support this newly Image format.

Techniques WebP is using to reduce the Image File size

Let me tell you that WebP image format uses both the lossy as well as lossless image compression Technique. This Image format initially releases back in 2010. The main aim is to reduce the size of the Image file without losing so much of its quality. According to Google officials if you convert a PNG image to a WebP image you see a 45% of size degradation. WebP image format also works like a charm in animation. Here, it again gives a tough competition to GIF. Converting a GIF file to WebP also reduce its size.
One of the popular instant messaging app Telegram also uses WebP for their stickers. Moreover, Most of the Google Platforms like Gmail, Picassa, Google Instant search all use this image file format.

So, What do you say, are you happy that Microsoft Edge Browser Supports WebP Image Format in Windows 10 Redstone 5? Do post your opinion in the comment section down below.

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