Meta Launches Paid Facebook Instagram Blue Tick Verification

In order to get blue tick verification on Facebook and Instagram. So far, the rules are:

An account must be:

  1. Authentic: means it represents a real person, registered business, or entity.
  2. Complete: means it is public, has a bio, profile picture, and at least one post.
  3. Unique: means it represents the entity uniquely. For example, an organization consists of many companies, so your question might be, Does the organization has only the right to get the blue tick and its companies don’t? Well, here the answer is, if the organization is a unique entity (which means it is registered uniquely by the government) and the companies are also unique entities, then both of them can apply for a blue tick and get the same.
  4. Notable: means your entity or brand or account must be popular. By popular I mean, it is highly searched by people and has been mentioned on multiple notable news websites.

However, now seeing the way social media is bending towards a new model introduced by Twitter, Meta introduces one more way to give blue tick verification to anyone following certain rules.

In this article, we are talking about the same. Here, I am going to explain to you the new rules as well as How to get Facebook or Instagram blue tick verification by paying only $11.99 to Meta.

So without further ado, let’s start.

New Rules to Get Facebook or Instagram Blue Tick Verification

Before telling you the new rules, let me clarify for you, In addition to the new rules, the old rules I described above will also be valid for getting the blue tick verification.

As per the new rules, any user or account can now get Facebook or Instagram blue tick verification, once they pay monthly $11.99 to Meta as well as give a scan of their Government ID having name and photo same as the account name or page name. Also, if an individual is taking the subscription, their age must not be less than 18.

Facebook has introduced this new concept (by taking inspiration from Twitter) and calling it “Meta Verified”. It is basically a “subscription service”.

So, What are the benefits of Meta Verified, let’s look at the same now.

3 Benefits of taking Meta Verified Subscription

  1. An account or page gets a blue badge.
  2. Gets access to Meta Customer Support.
  3. The account will be consistently monitored by the Meta team to prevent identity fraud.

Meta Verified Subscription Cost

Meta has launched this service in two pricing:

  1. $11.99: For those who want to use this service from Web.
  2. $14.99: For those who want to use this service from Mobile.

Yesterday, Matt Navarra shared a Tweet revealing the Instagram Blue Tick Subscription service. Read yourself, the things he mentioned in the tweet below.

Why Meta has launched a Paid Verification Service?

Well, it is straight and simple. After seeing, Twitter unlocking a new way to monetize their platform, Meta thought to create the same ecosystem in their platform as well because right now if they don’t give users one more option to be exclusive on their platform, Twitter might outcast it in the race of having the highest number of users using their platform.

What’s your thought about Meta Verified? Happy to see your thoughts in the comment section below.

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