Meet Keen an AI Powered Pinterest Alternative
Meet Keen an AI Powered Pinterest Alternative

These days creating a better alternative of an existing unique app is a trend and in the same trend now Google has also participated by creating an AI Powered Pinterest alternative called Keen. Google’s Area 120 team has created this experimental Pinterest alternative in collaboration with Google’s People and AI Research (PAIR), that is a machine learning system.

Just like Pinterest, On Keen, you can curate a collection of your best resource on a topic and share it publicly or among the chosen people. You can make a Keen public or private to control who can find it. For example, if you made your Keen public, beside visible to all users, it can also be indexed by search engines. On the other side, private Keens discourage indexing by search engines.

In a blog post, it is explained that Keens uses Google Search and Machine Learning to recommend contents of user interests. Also, the more a user post Keens about a topic the more recommendation he get about the same topic on the Keen’s feed.

Now, beside posting out Keens by yourself, you can also follow Keens curated by others. So, that is it for this article, Keen right now is in experimental phase but is available on Web and Android and you can sign into it via any of your Google account.

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