Now Quickly Initiate a Video Conference via Shortcut
Now Quickly Initiate a Video Conference via Shortcut

You can now quickly start a video conference in Google Meet via shortcut. Now, the quickest way to initiate a video conference in Google Meet is to type and enter in your browser URL. As soon as you type and enter the mentioned text a new Google Meet video conference starts in your browser. You can then share the meeting URL to anyone whom you want to join the video conference. Also, the video conference has a present link button to share different variations of your device’s screen with the users on the meeting.

If you remember back in 2018, Google launched the .new extension in order to quickly create blank G-Suite files. Seems like the company is now affixing the same feature to Google Meet in order to quickly create a video meeting. The .new extension helps user to skip so many steps in order to create a new file, it doesn’t matter now, whether it is a G-Suite’s File (for example, Doc, Sheet, Slides, Presentation, and Form) or a Google Meet Video conference.

Now, this feature works, when you already have signed in to your Google account and In case you want to quickly initiate the meeting with your other linked Google account you can simply append /1, /2, /3 at the end of URL.

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