ZEE5 to roll out an Indian TikTok Alternative

Amidst ongoing tension in between India and China following recent confrontation at Ladakh, seems like India is now finding out alternatives for Chinese Apps. Following the same event, ZEE5 today has announced that they are developing an Indian TikTok Alternative that is expected to be roll out by mid-July. Also, earlier in February this year at ZEE5’s second anniversary celebration in Mumbai, the company revealed that they are working on a TikTok Alternative called Hypershots where a user can share videos of length up to 90 seconds. In a report to Your Story, it has been mentioned that initially the app sports the ad supported free app model and will later transform into the subscription based app model.

Yesterday, we told you that, Indian Intelligence Agencies have recommended Indian Government to discourage a list of Chinese Apps and in the same list, TikTok is also present. Also, India right now is indignantly finding out alternatives for Chinese Apps. So, it seems like it is the right time to launch Indian alternatives of Chinese apps.

Even if ZEE5 will successfully able to launch an alternative for TikTok then also it is not the first one to launch an Indian alternative of TikTok. Recently, an app called Mitron came into limelight as a TikTok alternative but was removed from the Google Play store following policies violations as it is claimed the rebranded version of a Pakistani app called Tictic. However, Mitron again appears on the Google Play store recently and now have more than 5 million installs.

In India ZEE5 holds a user base of more than 150 million, hence, the Indian TikTok alternative by ZEE5 will definitely going to give TikTok a serious competition in Indian OTT applications market.

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