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In the year 2009, for the first time, Twitter laid the foundation stone of Lists (a feature to create a curated section on Twitter). An account can create up to 1000 Lists, each with up to 5000 users on it. With Lists a user can track influencers, competitors, customers, companies and more on Twitter. Let say you can create a list of funniest twitter handles, unique businesses and anything that make sense to you.

Although this feature is old on Twitter, However, last year, Twitter patches an upgrade to it, letting users to Pin up to five lists and swipe to access on their Twitter Homepage. Now, in order to Improve the feature even better, Twitter now let the user to Discover new Lists and Tweet a list. Twitter team revealed this info via their Twitter handle explaining how one can now Discover new Lists on Twitter.

You can see in the GIF shared in the tweet explained, In the Discover New Lists section, there is a new Show more recommendations option. Clicking on the same option reveals a list of Lists to follow. Alternatively, there is also an option to search for a list of your interest. Now, coming to How Twitter recommend you a list to follow, well as per a report by Social Media Today, it depends on the account you follow, the topic about which you frequently tweet, and the lists you are currently following. Here is How the Discover new Lists section looks on Twitter for Android.

Photo Credits: Social Media Today

At the time of writing this article, we aren’t able spot this feature on Twitter, Seems like it is rolling out, however, in the tweet and the screenshot shared above it has been clearly seen that this feature is rolling out to both the iOS and Android Users. Now, beside following a List you can also create or edit a List on Twitter. Below I have explained the same.

How to Create or Edit a List on Twitter?

To create a List on Twitter, you can simply visit this link.

Next to that, you must fill up the List Name, Description, and a Cover Image.

You can also make the List Private, however, by the default Lists are Public on Twitter.

To add an account in the List, you can go to any account and then click on the three horizontal dots menu and there you see an option to Add/remove from lists. Clicking on the same option leads you to add or remove the same account in your list. See the below screenshot to ease your process.

How to add an account in your list

So, that is all for this article, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post it below in the comment section.

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