India may increase the custom duty on imports of laptops cameras and 20 other products

In order to promote Made in India products in the country and to import at least goods from China, the Indian government may soon increase the customs duty on around 20 products. These 20 products include laptops, cameras, textiles, and aluminium goods.

A report published by TOI recommends, the Commerce and Industry Ministry of India had earlier proposed about the same to the Finance Ministry, however, at that time the Finance ministry had rejected the proposal. But after the recent incident in Ladakh, the government may increase the custom duty on these products.

An official of the Indian government says that this custom duty is not being increased only for China, although it is being increased for those products which are being imported in greater quantity from China to India. India is also doing this so that Made in India products can be promoted.

Many of you may be aware that recently the Directorate General of Foreign Trade of India has brought a policy under which the importation of TV sets from other countries (such as China, Vietnam, and Malaysia) is restricted in India. Now if any brands of these countries want to import their TV sets in India then they will have to get special license from the same from the Government of India.

After the incident in Ladakh, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in India and recently banned China’s micro-blogging platform Weibo and search engine Baidu to operate in India.

If the Indian government really increases the custom duty on these 20 products, then it will be clear that the Indian government is not going to sit silently for the incitement by China in Ladakh. What do you think about this, tell us below in the comment section?

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