IIT Patna Develops Voice Assistant

IIT Patna Develops voice assistant that is capable of handling user queries in a total of 18 languages. Giant companies like Google and Amazon know India is a high population country. Moreover, High Population means high traffic to their products, and network connectivity makes it even easier. Now, If they have to cope with this high population, they have to integrate local or native language to their devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and many more. That is why they already add native languages to their own made digital assistant.

In India, at ground level, the demand for Indic Language is enormous, that is why NITI Aayog in collaboration of IIT Patna develops a voice assistant that is capable of handling users queries in a total of 18 languages.

First reported by economic times, This digital assistant resolve user’s queries that come under Agriculture, Health, Education sector. Besides these three sectors, you also find many more.

This digital assistant can Read News, Set Music Playlist and many other similar tasks that Google assistant and amazon Alexa perform.

Director of IIT Patna Professor Pushpak Bhattacharya, directing this project. He believes the project get some funds from Government as it comes under Digital India Initiative. Beside that Prof. Bhattacharya says 14 other institutions are helping our team to create a conceptual dictionary. This dictionary helps to translate words in 18 languages.

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