How to Create Live Album in Google Photos
How to Create Live Album in Google Photos? Image Credits: Google Blog

In this article, we gonna guide you to How to create Live Album in Google Photos? Live Album Feature starts rolling out for some of the users. Live Album feature which is in control of Google AI, Sorting out photos according to AI algorithms. Moreover, to understand it let me explain it to you in Simple Terms. Suppose you want to make a folder for Pets and wants every upcoming pets photo to directly place in this folder automatically. Well, Live Album feature easily does this task for you.

Moreover, you can also share your created live albums with your Friends and Family. They can also utilize that folder the same way. Because this update is currently rolling out you may not find this feature in your Google Photos account. But don’t worry it will be made available for you in the upcoming days.

How to create Live Album in Google Photos?

How to check whether this feature is available for you or not. Well, you can check by creating a live album for yourself.

  • To create a live album in Google Photos, First, you have to create a new album.
  • Once you create a new album, Google Photos ask you to create an Album title.
  • Moreover, below you also see options like select photos and Automatically Add Photos of X.
  • Selecting this second option asks you to choose some photos which you want to automatically add in this live album folder.
  • After selecting the photos, Click on the Turn ON option which you will find in the Upper right corner of your screen.

Now, In this album, Google Photos automatically sort out Photos of X.

You can also share this live album with your friends and family. In their Google Photos Account too, the Same Photos of X Person sort out in this live album folder.

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