How Russia-Ukraine War has affected the Tech Industry

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has affected all the industries globally and tech is one of those.

In this article, I have explained, How the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has affected the tech industry.

Hacking of Websites and Internet Connection

In today’s era, a war between two countries is not just limited to the real world ( for example, ground, air, and water). These days war is also controlled by the virtual world. Generally, People call it “Cyberwar“.

That means, the Cyberwar must be happening in between Russia and Ukraine right now?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Yes the cyberwar has already been started in between Russia and Ukraine even earlier before Russian tanks entered the Ukrainian border.

Firstly we heard about the hack of leading Ukraine’s media outlet “Kyiv Post”. In a tweet the publication wrote, we are facing constant cyber attacks from the Russian military.

Yesterday, we heard several Russian government websites going offline that includes Kremlin State Duma and the Ministry of Defense. Reports say that was a small DDoS attack.

Yesterday, one of the popular microblogging platforms Twitter tweeted about their website being restricted in Russia.

One other noticeable event spotted yesterday when the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine (also the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine), Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted the richest man on the Earth “Elon Musk” to start Starlink Stations amid this crisis. In response to the Minister’s tweet, Elon replied, “Starlink Service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route”. People became so fond of this reply that they celebrate Elon’s tweet on the platform.

The Ukrainian Minister is also creating an IT army to fight the Russian Hackers. You can see the same in the tweet below.

Monetization Restrictions

The American online video sharing platform “YouTube” has blocked all the Russian channels from receiving money from the advertisements run on the platform on their videos. Popular social networking platform, Facebook has also done the same.

Shortage of Chips and Semiconductor

While the world is already facing a shortage of semiconductor chips, experts believe, the Russia-Ukraine war will worsen the situation.

Both Russia and Ukraine are vital exporters of raw materials (for example, palladium, neon gas) that are using in manufacturing chips.

Millions of products like cars, washing machines, smartphones, tv are dependent of chips and semiconductors.

Experts believe the shortage of chips will break the supply chain which in turn leads to an increase in the price of products made using semiconductors and chips.

Right now, no one knows, how further this war gonna go and what more consequences it will bring but one thing is for sure, the world is going to be tough tomorrow.

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