How to enable dark mode on YouTube
Youtbe Dark Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube? A latest and Interesting Question for Youtube Surfers these days. Do you know Google has started rolling out Dark Mode in the Youtube’s mobile application? However, Last Year YouTube has added Dark Mode to the YouTube’s laptop and desktop version. Similarly, for iOS and Android, YouTube starts rolling out Dark Mode now. Presently, YouTube’s Dark Mode has come in iOS phones, and in the coming few weeks, it will also come for Android users.

What actually is dark mode?

Dark Mode is actually a Dark theme. Due to this dark theme, the maximum portion of the screen of your application is dark. The Dark mode version of an application is made so as to improve the reading efficiency of the user. When we run any application in the dark of night and if the application does not have dark mode then our eyes get blurred. Because of which we either stop running the application or using the application by turning on the bulb of our room. So these days the developers are integrating Dark Mode into all the applications to avoid their loss, as well as to increase the user’s reading efficiency.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Youtube iOS Version?

  1. First of all, you have to open the YouTube app.
  2. Then you will see your account icon in the top right side, tap on it.
  3. After this you have to open the settings option.
  4. In the Setting Options, you will get Dark theme options, you just have to turn it on.
  5. Now you can enjoy YouTube’s dark mode in your phone.

Laptops and computer users can also turn on the dark mode in YouTube’s web version in a similar way.

Note: YouTube understands your preference. This means that when you turn on the dark mode, the next time you open the YouTube application, the dark mode will remain on. Just like we have told you to turn on the dark mode you can also turn it off.

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