Instagram’s Suggested Posts helps exploring new contents in the Feed

Back in 2010 when Instagram was launched, it was exclusively seen as a photo and video sharing social networking app.

However, as the time grew and more users joined the app, the company added more features in it.

Now, beside photo and video sharing, Instagram is also viewed as a chat app because it contains some of the coolest chat features and “Theme” is one of such features that is used to customize the background of a chat.

By default, the background of any chat we provoke on Instagram is of white color and many times we are getting bored of that color and want to customize it.

Well, In that case Instagram’s theme feature comes handy as it contains a plethora of pre-designed themes.

While writing this article, I am able to spot five themes and 21 different colors and gradients that can be set as the background of any chat on Instagram.

Okay, let me tell you how you can chat in the background of a chat on Instagram.

How to change the chat background on Instagram?

Change Chat Background Instagram
Change Chat Background on Instagram

As I said above, Instagram has a feature called Themes through which you can change the background of a chat on Instagram, so as soon as you open any chat, tap on the i icon present at the top right corner of the chat screen.

There you will see the Theme Option. Tap on it and you will see the list of all pre-designed themes and colors and gradients that you can set as a background of any desired chat.

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