Google Photos Now Parse Text Inside Photos

Back in 2019, Google Photos for Android gets the ability to parse any text present on a image.

After parsing the text, it can be copied to paste it wherever needed.

The feature became possible with a unique Google Lens technology called Optical Character Recognition.

So far parsing any text present on an image was possible and limited only to the Google Photos for Android users only but now the same feature has been available to anyone using the Google Photos website.

Here is how anyone can parse any text present on an image inside Google Photos for Web.

How to parse any text present in a photo inside Google Photos website?

First visit the Google Photos website located at

Next load any photo that has any text written on it.

As soon as we open and load any image having any text on it (like as I show you in the screenshot below), the Google Photos website displays a Copy Text From Image button at the top of its interface.

Clicking on the same button provokes a sidebar to open where all the parsed text will be present. The parsed text can then be copied from the same sidebar as shown in the image below.

Google Lens has a plethora of features but text parsing is the first one that has been introduced to the desktop through Google Photos.

In the near future we may see more Google Lens features on Desktop through many other applications. In the meanwhile, do let me know in the comments down below what’s your opinion about this new feature.

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