Hide Like Count Facebook Post

The Like Count feature is present on Facebook ever since it is created.

It helps us to find out how many people have liked your post on Facebook.

In the recent years, the feature has evolved.

For example, earlier on a Facebook Post we only have like and share option but now we can react with different emotions.

See the below image, now if you hover over the like option present on a post, it shows you different emotions to react with.

Earlier, we use the like count to show our interest on a post.

However, now with the advancement of social media, we are losing the same interest.

We are now weighting like count more over the post quality.

Sometimes we even remove a post just that because it is not getting much attention, or we can say the desired Like Count.

Driving the like count feature to behave in such a way results us to loose quality posts which in turn degrades the overall user experience of a social media website.

To counter the same, online platforms has brought an option to hide the like count.

Take Facebook as an example where you can hide the like count on your own posts or the posts of other users. But you must consider two things.

  1. If you disable the Like Count on posts from other users, it will disable on News Feed, Pages, and Groups but will appear on Marketplace and Reels.
  2. Similarly, if you disable the like count on your post then it will disable on your profile and newsfeed but will appear in Groups and Reels.

Steps to Hide Like Count on Facebook Posts

Visit Settings & Privacy > News Feed Preferences > Reaction Preferences

There you see two options – Hide number of reactions on posts from others and Hide number of reactions on your posts.

You can turn ON and OFF these options as per your need.

Are you one of those users who has fallen in the illusion of like count and missing great posts on social media? If the answer is yes, then you can use this feature to help yourself using the social media fairly.

What is your opinion about the same? I would love to hear it in the comment section down below.

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