Google Duo Supports 12 People to Video Chat Simultaneously

After lockdown, more and more people favor video calls to unite with their loved ones, and thats the reason we witnessed tremendous growth in the video calling apps industry. Take Google Duo, for example. The company says following lockdown every week, over 10 million unique users signing up for Duo, and the call duration has also grown by more than tenfold in many countries. Aggregating all these data, Google Guo has rollout or is going to roll out four brand new features in the coming days, and In this article, I am going to address these four features.

Enhancing Video Call Quality

We all know that Google Duo calls are end to end encrypted, which means only people in a call can know what is said or shown. Even Google not able to see, listen, or save what is being said or aired on the audio or video. Also, Google uses an AI called WaveNetEQ to diminish audio interruptions and now introducing a new video codec technology called AOMedia Video 1 (in short AV1) to improve Video Call Quality and Reliability even at low bandwidth.

Capture Special Moments

Google Duo has injected a new feature to help user capture a photo while they video conversing with their friends. That way, the user seizes special moments while they are in a video conference with their friends and family on the Duo.

Fetching more People to Participate in a Video Chat Simultaneously

Google Duo has recently expanded the number of members to participate in a Video Chat to 12. However, now preparing to raise the limit even further in the coming weeks.

New AR Effects

Although Google has created Google Duo primarily for audio and video calls, however, there are some circumstances when we do not want to place a call. In such circumstances, we can share our quick moment via another means like photos, text, or doodles. Now, Google Duo has made AR effects for sharing your quick moment with your friends and family.

Via: Google Blog

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