Facebook Marketplace Definitive Guide

This is the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketplace in 2021 to learn How to sell and buy from it and How it works?

Here I explain:

  • What is Facebook Marketplace?
  • How it works?
  • Is it a good place to sell?
  • Is is safe?

and many other things…

So if you are looking for an ultimate guide about Facebook Marketplace, this article is for you.

Let’s start.


What’s Facebook Marketplace ?

It is a destination on Facebook, that let you easily buy or sell items with people in your community.

Now, one question might arise in your mind 🤔

Who can sell or buy new and used items on it?

Is it free or does it take a cut from the user?

Yes it is totally free. Any Facebook user can buy and sell from it.

Now, you know, What Facebook Marketplace is and Who can sell and buy items from it, Let’s talk about How it works?

Working Principle

Let me tell you now, How Facebook Marketplace Works?

As I told you above it is a destination on Facebook.

But, where to find it? 🤔

On Desktop, you can spot it on the left sidebar of the Facebook homepage.

In Android, it resides inside the hamburger menu.

In iOS, it is present at the bottom of the app inside a Market Icon.

Purchasing Guide

Let’s talk about, How to purchase an item from Marketplace?

If you want to buy an item, you can search for it or can apply filters like location, category and more.

You can use the built-in location tool to adjust the region from where you want to buy an item. You can choose different cities altogether.

Once you spot an interesting item, you can tap on it and check details about it. For example, the item description, its seller information, and location.

You can also save the item to find it later.

Suppose, you decide to purchase the item.

In that case, you can send a direct message to the seller.

Afterwards, you can talk with the seller to know how to purchase the item and make payment.

Note: Currently, Marketplace doesn’t have option to deliver and accept payment for the item.

So this is How you can purchase items on Marketplace. Let me tell you now, How to sell on it?

Selling Guide

Selling products on Marketplace is also very simple.

  1. Open Facebook Marketplace.
  2. Tap on Sell on Phone or Create Listing on Desktop.
  3. Tap on either Items, Vehicles, Homes for Sale or Rent, Jobs.
  4. Add the photos of your item, title, price, category, condition, Description, and Location.
  5. Post it.

Now if anyone in the choosed location is looking for the same item will see it and message you if want to buy it.


Marketplace is currently available worldwide and anyone can join it for free.

While Marketplace is available worldwide for all, some users who are using it reports, they can’t able to access it.

Well, that happens when you violate any policy.

However, if you believe, you haven’t violated any policy, then can appeal for the review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below I have listed some of the most popular questions that has been asked about the Marketplace.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe?

As I told you above, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t deliever or accept payment. It’s up to the buyer or seller of how they can purchase and sell products. The Marketplace just helps them to meet. Facebook Marketplace doen’t have any Buyer Protection.

Is Facebook Marketplace Free?

Yes, it is available for free to all the Facebook users.

Does Facebook Marketplace have an App?

It doesn’t have any seperate app and you can access it from the Facebook App and website.

Does Facebook Marketplace have a phone number?

Who can sell items on Facebook Marketplace?

Any Facebook user can sell items on Facebook Marketplace.

Does Facebook Marketplace Listing show on Timeline?

Your Facebook friend can’t able to see your marketplace listing directly.


Facebook Marketplace was launched in June 2018.

In April 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced, Marketplace has more than 1 billion visitors per month.

Facebook Shops that was launched last year now have more than 250 million monthly visitors.

With these number of growing users, Marketplace might becomes one of the big ecommerce place in our neighbourhood.

Hence, it is the right time to learn about it.

So, did you enjoy our guide about Facebook Marketplace.

While reading this article if you meet with any doubt, don’t be shy to punch it in the comments down below 🙌

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