Facebook Clear History Tool
Facebook Clear History Tool

Facebook Clear History Tool is a feature in Facebook that helps user to clear there browsing history in Facebook. This tool helps user to control how much of their browsing data they want to store on Facebook servers. Facebook introduce this feature back in May this year, however, it is not available to Facebook users. In a recent interview with recode, Facebook says this tool can come in year 2019.

Note that when this feature will available publicly, then users will know some info on Which data Facebook stores about them. With recode this giant social company reveals finding and cleaning the pages or data users visit on Facebook is quite a difficult task. Moreover, the company is also building a new data storage system to implement this feature.

Clearing History is especially useful to maintain users privacy. Almost all the data analytics company sell browsing histories to marketing and advertising company.

Facebook officials also clear about the difference between Clear History and Delete History. Clear History tool basically remove the identifier from the browsing history. It means the browsing history remains on Facebook server, however, the company can’t identify whose it was. Facebook gives an explanation that many businesses on Facebook are depends on Browsing History, therefore, we will not delete the history completely. However, we remove the personal identifier from that.

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