Cloudflare WARP Beta macOS Windows
Cloudflare WARP Beta macOS Windows

Back on April last year, Cloudflare announced about WARP (in Beta) for iOS and Android (launches the stable version in lates September last year). Now exactly after 1 year of its launch Cloudflare announced about the same services (in Beta) for macOS and Windows.

What is WARP?

For those who don’t know can think of WARP as a VPN. On Android and iOS one can use it by visiting the respective App store and search for the app called by Cloudflare. The reason it is so popular because it has a free tier that is more than enough and its price is comparatively very low.

WARP for macOS and Windows runs on Wireguard Protocol

On macOS and Windows also WARP is running on Wireguard protocol just like it do on app for iOS and Android. Those who don’t know Wireguard protocol gives fast, efficient and secure Internet connection and keep us safe from being spied by our ISP.

How to get WARP for macOS and Windows?

Although the WARP service is in beta right now for macOS and Windows, but some limited users that includes WARP+ subscriber to be the first to try the same service.

So, if you are WARP+ subscriber don’t forget to check your app in coming weeks to get an invitation link to try WARP for macOS and Windows.

Now coming to non-WARP+ subscribers they can subscribe to be notified for the availability of the same service for macOS and Windows Clients by filling out their email address at this link.

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What about LINUX devices?

Cloudflare says about 10% of our employees are running LINUX on their desktops hence, we haven’t forget those running LINUX. We plan to roll out WARP for LINUX after successful rollout of the same service for macOS and Windows. So, sit tight it is coming sooner or later.

Source: Cloudflare Blog

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