How to Configure Cloudflare DNS on Windows?
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In this article, we guide you to How to Configure Cloudflare DNS on Windows. To make the Internet a Better Place Cloudflare announce a DNS Resolver. You can access this DNS Resolver by changing your DNS to Moreover, Before Starting to Guide you to How to Configure this DNS on your machine, Let me Give you some intro. This Intro includes why Cloudflare starts its own DNS resolver and giving it to the Public.

What is DNS Resolver?

On the Internet there are two sides, the first one locates the content whereas the second one is for the common queries by us. Furthermore, it is the duty of DNS resolver to manage these two sides. When you take an Internet connection from an ISP say Airtel. Then, the DNS Resolver is predefined by them for you to connect to the Internet. However, you can change this DNS Resolver also known as DNS address to anything you like to. For example Google Public DNS i.e.| etc.

Why Cloudflare Introduces DNS resolver?

The DNS Resolver you get from your ISP when you subscribe to an Internet Connection is not generally encrypts for Piracy. It means that when you visit a website (it doesn’t mean whether it is encrypted by HTTPS or not), your ISP get all the list of websites you visit. Finally, they use this data for Marketing and Monetization Purpose. Furthermore, this is not just an issue of Ad targeting, it is even worse. Think about it. So, Cloudflare Introduce this DNS address which has the piracy protection. Cloudflare doesn’t track your data because they are operating the world’s most popular piracy protection Project called Galileo.

How to Configure Cloudflare DNS on Windows PC?

  • First Open the Control Panel.
  • Next, Go to Network and Internet.
  • Now, Open View Network Status and Tasks.
  • In the Left, Sidebar click on Change Adapter Settings.
  • Now, Right Click on the Internet Connection for which you want to Configure the DNS.
  • Open the Properties Menu.
  • Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Now, Click on the Properties.
  • Check the Box where it is written, Use the Following DNS Server Addresses.
  • On the Preferred DNS Server Box fill
  • Finally, Click on OK.

Now, You DNS Resolver address changes to Cloudflare DNS Resolver address.

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