Chrome will Remove the Secure label from HTTPS Websites
Chrome will Remove the Secure label from HTTPS Websites

A recent report by Chromium blog says Chrome will Remove the Secure label from HTTPS Websites. Chrome developers have already told us they will place a not secure label on those sites which are running on HTTP protocol. Now, they want to remove the Secure label which you can easily see on the URL of a site running under HTTPS protocol. According to Chrome Developers, A large part of Internet surfers surf the Internet like they don’t have to worry about visiting on any site. However, some sites are not safe as they don’t even have the idea about it. Therefore, this cool browser developers now want to extensively show the internet surfers which site is safe and which are not. They do so with the use of this label i.e. not secure.

Chrome will Remove the Secure label from HTTPS Websites: A Report

So, In future, if you encounter with a site whose URL indicates a not secure label, then be careful. Right now, you don’t see a not secure label on a site which isn’t running under HTTPS. However, from September 2018 afterwards, you will definitely see these labels as reported on Chromium Blog.

What does it mean if an HTTPS site doesn’t contain Secure label?

From September 2018 afterwards, sites running under HTTPS doesn’t have the Secure label also. Although it doesn’t mean that your data on these sites (i.e. running under HTTPS) are not encrypted. In fact, the Secure label replaced by a lock icon which is also present earlier.

This is how you will see the URL of websites from September 2018 afterwards.

Initially, The Not secure label will be in Grey Colour. However, as soon as you type something in any form present on the unencrypted site, this label starts glowing in Red Colour.

Therefore, If your site is not running under HTTP, you must have to migrate to the HTTPS version. Actually, it is super easy from the years before. You can contact your hosting provider or your server administrator to do so.

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