Check Milk Purity Via Smartphone
Check Milk Purity Via Smartphone

Now You Can Check Milk Purity Via Smartphone. A group of researchers from IIT Hyderabad finally founds a way to check Milk Adulteration. Adulteration means corrupt or impure, In general, milk adulteration is done via Soaps, starch, urea, Glucose etc. According to FSSAI, 68% milk and milk made products in our country suffer from Adulteration. Moreover, reports by WHO are more critical, which says Adulteration of milk also leads to serious hazardous diseases like cancer.

Seems like IIT Hyderabad Researchers seriously takes this data and built a system via which one can detect adulteration of milk. Note that to check milk adulteration requires an expensive technique like chromatography and spectroscopy. However, the more concerning thing is these techniques are not readily available for milk distributors, suppliers as well as customers. Therefore, a team of IIT Hyderabad researchers leads by Professor Shiv Govind Singh develop a paper-based indicator to measure the acidity of milk. The paper strips change its color once its contacts with an acidic milk. However, one can detect the change of paper strip color via Smartphone. Note that they also develop an algorithm which they install in Smartphone and use it to detect the change in paper color.

They reveal this info first in this year November edition Food Analytical Methods Journal. In the test, they found the data accuracy of up to 99.71%. Therefore, after this successful test, you can soon check the purity of milk via your smartphone.

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