Abhijit Bose Head of WhatsApp India
Abhijit Bose Head of WhatsApp India | Image Credits: YouTube @StartUp Catalyst

Meet Abhijit Bose Head of WhatsApp India. Today, WhatsApp appoints Abhijit Bose as the head of WhatsApp India. Abhijit Bose is the same person who co-founded the company “EzeTap”. There he also serves the role of CEO. WhatsApp built the Indian headquarter in Gurgaon. The main aim of Abhijit and his team will provide support to large and small business across our country.

WhatsApp business and WhatsApp Business API is already available in our country for small as well as large business. In our country, more than 1 millions users use WhatsApp business. Seems like a large number. Therefore, WhatsApp pays its attention and commitment to India.

Abhijit is an Alumni of Harvard Business School and Cornell University. After he completes his graduation he founded the electronic payment company Eztap back in 2011. Later he Joins WhatsApp. Let me tell you after California, it is the second headquarter of WhatsApp in Gurgaon.

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