In this article, I am going to explain you about the best UPI Payment Apps in India.

In India, UPI Payment is now a favorite medium to make payments. Indian Government also promotes UPI by giving different incentives in the form of cashback. Also, consider UPI under Cashless India Initiative.

I know some of you not even now understand What UPI is and How it works?

Well, from the name itself i.e., “Unified Payment Interface,” it is clear that In a UPI interface, you could unify, i.e., combine multiple bank accounts.

Now, combine multiple bank accounts mean under the same interface (which could be an app or software) you could use features given by different banks.

For example, In a UPI app like Google Pay, you have the functionality to add multiple bank accounts.

However, What makes UPI the favorite way to make digital payments is the fund transfer directly to your respective bank account.

Now, many of thinking about How UPI works?

How UPI Works?

Well, National Payment Corporation of India (In short people call it as NPCI) made a payment system where one can add multiple bank accounts and can send and receive funds in a matter of seconds. That’s the underlying theme behind making UPI. However, now UPI sports a variety of other features.

Later on, the same Government organization called NPCI to make UPI API available for any party who wants to integrate UPI in their payment interface.

The result is that we now see some favorite UPI apps like Google Pay, PayTm, and Phone Pe.

Well, this is all about the introduction of UPI so that you get a better overview of it. Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular UPI Payment Apps in India.

Best UPI Payment Apps in India

I have already named the some of the popular UPI Payment Apps in India by referencing to it above in the article. Hmm, You guess it right, they are Google Pay, PayTm and Phone Pe. Here I am going to compare these three by looking at the features they provide and it’s up to you to rank them.

FeatureGoogle PayPayTmPhone PeWho Win
UPI SupportYesYesYesTie
Wallet SupportNoYesYesPayTm
CashbackGoes Directly to bank accountGoes to WalletGoes to WalletGoogle Pay
Simple UIBestGoodWorstGoogle Pay
SpeedBest BestBestTie
Customer SupportBestGoodWorstGoogle Pay
KYCNo NeedEasy to doNot so easyGoogle Pay
Multiple Service IntegrationYesYesYesPayTm
Refer to EarnRs. 51Rs. 100 – Rs. 1000 ScratchcardPhone Pe

Comparison Between these Three Apps in Detail

Let’s talk first about UPI Support.

As you can see from the table above, Google Pay, PayTm, and Phone Pe, all three of them support UPI. Therefore, it’s a tie here, and we have to move on to the next feature to compare them.

The next feature is Wallet support, which is available only in PayTm and Phone Pe and is not required by Google Pay.

In PayTm and Phone Pe if you earn cashback, it goes to your Wallet if you have not done the KYC of your account. On the other side, In PayTm and Phone Pe, the cashback amount goes directly to your bank account only if you have done the KYC of your account.

Now, if we talk about Google Pay, it doesn’t support Wallet because here if you earn cashback it goes directly to your bank account. Moreover, here you won’t even have to do a KYC of your Google Pay account.

So, if we compare these three apps in terms of Cashback support and KYC feature, Google Pay wins here. That’s because here the cashback you earn goes directly to your bank account and it doesn’t require any KYC.

Also, if you compare which app has the most simplistic User Interface, of course, Google Pay it is. PayTm and Phone Pe still have to work on there User Interface because still, the user finds it difficult to find a feature or an option.

Now, Talking about the number of different external service a digital payment app supports in India, PayTm is a winner here. Right now, PayTm has the highest number of external services. For example, If you want to pay a premium for LIC, you can’t pay via Google Pay but from PayTm you can.

That’s it. Now if you look at the data present in the above table, you can find the result that Google Pay right now is the best upi payment app in India.

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