OneDrive Personal Vault
OneDrive Personal Vault

Microsoft introduces OneDrive Personal Vault, A new additional service that protects your OneDrive Account by implementing robust authentication method.

The OneDrive Personal Vault asks you to secure your OneDrive account by choosing a two-step verification method. For example, PIN Code sent via SMS or email, Fingerprint or Face Recognition via Windows Hello Device like that.

You can even authenticate to the personal vault via the Microsoft Authenticator app.

OneDrive Personal Vault Availability

Right now, OneDrive Personal vault is available for users living in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, by the end of this year, Microsoft is going to provide this feature to everyone globally.

In addition to introducing this new security feature, Microsoft also announces to upgrade the storage space of OneDrive account; they are providing in their existing $1.99 plan.

Earlier, Microsoft giving 50GB of OneDrive storage space in $1.99. However, they extend this storage space to 100GB under the same pricing i.e., $1.99.

To synchronize your files directly from your Windows 10 PC, Microsoft makes a Bitlocker Encrypted folder in your Local Hard Drive. Once you drop a file in this BitLocker Encrypted folder, it automatically synchronizes to your OneDrive Cloud account.

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