5 Upcoming WhatsApp features that may roll out soon
5 Upcoming WhatsApp features that may roll out soon

In this article, we sort out 5 Upcoming WhatsApp features that may roll out soon in future updates. Right now, you won’t find any of these features in a stable version of WhatsApp. Note that the features I list below belongs to either WhatsApp mobile version or Web version or to the both. Moreover, these features are ranging from one version to another. This is it, let’s start with the list.

List of 5 Upcoming WhatsApp Features (January 2019)

Fingerprint Authentication

WhatsApp testing Finger Print Authentication for its app. Once this feature ships into the app, you’ll able to locate it on Setting>Account>Privacy. With this feature enabled, you can lock and unlock your WhatsApp application on Android via your Fingerprint.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

The Dark Mode let the application to enter into a popular Dark Mode theme which is especially useful at night time usage. You can also find several concept images rolling over the web. However, we still don’t know, when this feature became live on the stable version.

Simplified Media Menu

Recently, WhatsApp spotted testing another feature in beta version 2.19.18 which simplifies the media menu. Right now, if you open the menu that is present at the right corner of a photo in WhatsApp, you find a lot of options there. Moreover, WhatsApp simplify this menu by moving set as my profile photo and set as group icon option under a single option i.e. Set as. The same happens in case of Rotate option. Moreover, you find a new option in media menu called Show in Chat. This option helps you find the origin of a media under a chat.

21 New Redesigned Emojis

WhatsApp redesign 21 new emoji in beta version 2.19.21. WABetaInfo first identifies it one its post and also post a photo of it which we provide you below.

21 New Emoji
21 New Emoji

WhatsApp Desktop PIP Mode

Recently WhatsApp rolls out Picture in Picture mode in its web version 0.3.20141. Note that this feature already a part of WhatsApp mobile version and now it comes to web version too. Suppose someone sends you a video on WhatsApp, then earlier you can’t simultaneously see the video as well as check out other messages. However, with this feature you can.

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