100 paid or Free Channels for Rs 153
100 paid or Free Channels for Rs 153

TRAI releases a new order under which you can choose 100 Paid or Free channels for Rs 153 + GST. What make this TRAI order so cool is, now you have total freedom to choose 100 channels by paying only Rs 153 and some tax charges. If you look closely, How many total channels do you watch regularly in your day to day life.

100 paid or Free Channels for Rs 153: TRAI new Order

Definitely the number must be less than 100. This news comes forward first by Times of India. Moreover, if this plan implements at the root level, then till now, it prove to be the cheapest plan for Cable TV or DTH.

Note that last year TRAI presents a rule that fixes the network capacity fee to Rs 130. Giving customers 100 free to air channels and gives them an option to pay for other paid channels. It proves that customers have to pay more for cable or DTH channels with respect to they pay earlier. We already wrote an article for that. TRAI new network capacity rule is going to be implemented from February 1.

Now, this new rule of recharging with Rs 153+GST came forward, Cable or DTH recharge seems like going to be cheap. Moreover, this plan, in our opinion will become a popular one.

Let’s see. For now, I just have to say that if you watch <= 100 channels a month then, you can recharge with Rs 153+GST. This is the best option.

To choose channels and their pricing easily, TRAI recently releases a channel selector application.

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